Hi, we’re Dr. Susan Giurleo, Psychologist & Marketing Coach and Juliet Austin, Marketing Coach, Copywriter and a former psychotherapist.

Susan built a 6 figure solo practice in 1 year by using social media marketing and offering virtual services to clients nation-wide. She’s the author of BizSavvyTherapist.com, and consults with health care professionals internationally on using social media to grow thriving practices.

You can find out more about Susan at: http://drsusangiurleo.com/

Juliet has had an International business at JulietAustin.com helping therapists and healing artists build successful practices and write client-attracting web copy since 1999. She was one of the first therapists on the Internet to begin teaching and coaching therapists how to attract clients. Juliet’s income hit the 6-figure amount several years ago and she has never looked back. An avid social media user for the past several years, Juliet has fallen completely in love with Twitter.

You can find out more about Juliet at:http://www.julietaustin.com

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